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The Brand + You

Top 5 Ways You Can Live out the Brand

Brand Guidelines

Guidelines for how to best to communicate and represent the brand.

Dot Logo


Learn how to use the logo correctly, what options are available, and why it’s important.

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Dot Employee

Brand Voice and Tone

How we communicate is a reflection of the Dot brand. Check out our list of writing best practices.

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Consistent use of color is one of the most effective ways to be instantly recognizable.

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Dot Headquarters

Design Style

Throughout the creative process, three principles should be in the forefront of your approach.

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Dot’s Vision, Mission, & Values

The foundation of our brand is Dot’s vision, mission, and values. These core principles keep us grounded and focused on where we came from, where we’re headed, and why it’s important. The brand should always reflect these ideals.


Where are we going?

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What is our purpose?

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What are our guiding principles?

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Brand Shop

As a Dot employee, you are a direct representative of Dot’s brand. When you rep the Dot logo, people look to you as a role model in the industry and in your community.

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