First-Time Attendees

Dot Employees

Who Is Invited To Attend?

    • All full-time salaried employees
    • Tracy family members
    • Dot’s Board of Directors

    In total we expect near 800 attendees.  Please speak to your manager for further clarification if you have any questions.

      Why Attend?

      NBM offers networking and learning opportunities for everyone in attendance. The event brings leaders and employees together for an important time of collaboration, networking, and recognition.

      We encourage you to come prepared to participate, learn, and collaborate with your peers and colleagues. In doing so, you can become fully engaged in the business for years to come.

      NBM 2022

      First-Time Attendee Resources

      NBM 2021

      First-Time Attendee Checklist:

      • Schedule a meeting with your manager before NBM. Review your schedule and goals for attending. Identify why you are attending NBM.
      • Introduce yourself to at least 20 new people
      • Eat lunch with someone new every day
      • Congratulate a peer or colleague on an accomplishment or recent promotion
      • Complete the post-event survey and provide your candid feedback as a first-time attendee
      • Take notes and compile a list of questions. Schedule time with your manager after NBM to review your key takeaways and questions.

      Conversation Starters:

      • How long have you been with Dot?
      • What department do you work in?
      • Is this your first time at NBM?
      • What do you enjoy most about your position?
      • What are you most looking forward to at NBM?
      • What can I expect during NBM? (if the colleague has attended in the past)

      Networking Tips:

      • Introduce yourself with confidence
      • Look your colleagues in the eye
      • Smile and stand up straight
      • Listen attentively and be prepared to offer a response
      • Be curious; ask questions
      • Don’t bring along an agenda; let the conversation flow naturally
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