2024 Wellness Incentive

At Dot, your well-being is a top priority. That’s why we incentivize employees to complete a biometric screening each year. The screening allows you to keep a pulse on your overall health and work with your health care provider to make any necessary changes so you can live a long, healthy, and happy life.

Four Health Goals

Meet three of the four health goals to qualify for the second half of your wellness incentive.


BMI < 30* 


Cholesterol < 200


Glucose < 100

Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure < 135/85

*or qualifying waist circumference

Don’t Pass On the First Try? No Problem.

Complete your biometrics screening early in the year so you can get your results and know if you passed three of the four health goals. If not, you can do the screening a second time before the October 31, 2023, deadline for a chance to receive the second half of the wellness incentive.

Crush Your Health Goals. Get $600 per Household.

Employee Only
Health Plan


Complete the Biometric Screening


Meet three of four health goals

$600 total

Employee + Spouse
Health Plan


Employee completes the Biometric Screening


Spouse completes the Biometric Screening


Employee meets three of four health goals


Spouse meets three of four health goals

$600 total

Where Can I Get a Biometric Screening?

  • Dot Family Health Center (California, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Mt. Sterling, Oklahoma, and Tennessee)
  • On-site during a location-sponsored biometrics event (locations without a FHC)
  • Physician’s office (doctor must complete a screening form)

Download the Biometrics Screening Form

If you go to your physician’s office to complete your biometric screening, they will need to fill out a screening form. Download and print this form before your appointment!

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